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Why Should You Choose Alliance Lending?

At Alliance Lending, we are San Jose mortgage brokers that work for YOU. Not the bank. As independent mortgage brokers, we are beholden to the borrower, not the lender. How does that work for you? Let us count the ways!


Shopping for a mortgage can make your head spin. Never mind the different interest rates, terms and application criteria. What mortgage type is right for you based on your credit history? Your financial situation? Your home? Do you qualify for a conventional loan? An FHA loan? Do you need a jumbo mortgage? A bank has a finite number of lending products for you. What happens if you don’t fit their criteria?

We Work Tirelessly on Your Behalf

With an independent San Jose mortgage broker on your side, the shopping is made easy. At Alliance Lending, we don’t waste your time. As seasoned mortgage experts, we know which lenders offer the best products for YOUR situation and needs. We know their underwriting criteria and what they will need to qualify you. And then we work tirelessly each step of the way to make it happen.

Individualized Service and Support

Every borrower comes to the mortgage process with a different set of goals and a different financial history. Banks historically only want borrowers who fit into their finite set of criteria so they can sell the loans. This may work for a percentage of borrowers but a large percentage are left out in the cold.

Whether you are purchasing a home or refinancing to lower your monthly expenses, Alliance Lending can help. Our staff of experienced San Jose mortgage brokers have worked in the mortgage field for years and understand what each of our partner lenders is looking for in a borrower. In this way, we can offer a loan package that will put you in the best possible light to ensure that the lender sees you as an asset and not a liability.

With You Each Step of the Way

Getting you the best financing for your needs is only part of what we do. You never need to feel like you are in this alone. From day one, we are your partners and guide you through each step of the qualification process. We

  • Prequalify you to understand your needs and what options are best suited for you.
  • Educate you about the mortgage options available to you and what the pros and cons of each are as they pertain to your financial needs
  • Make sure you understand all costs associated with the transaction and what your monthly payments will be so you are comfortable with your financial commitment
  • Keep you informed of your application status throughout the entire process
  • Gather insurance and title quotes in anticipation of closing
  • Coordinate all parties for a seamless closing

Your Success is Our Business

Our professional staff of San Jose mortgage brokers focuses on your success. We search for the best mortgage product, the best rate and the best terms for your individual needs. Let us help make your mortgage a reality. Call us today at 408-226-4000 or click the button below to get a FREE quote.

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Good news travels fast. If you have not heard, let it be known that in today’s real estate market, there has never been a company that will provide a full service to its agents and the best compensation package that the agents deserve, until NOW.

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