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Finding a Home Purchase Loan in San Jose That is Right for You

Purchasing a home is typically a very exciting time for anyone. Getting approved for a mortgage? Not so much. Because qualifying for a mortgage can be time-consuming, frustrating and overwhelming. Why not rely on a professional to help?

Independent Mortgage Brokers

At Alliance Lending, we are independent mortgage brokers and home loan specialists who have partnered with a broad spectrum of many types of lenders in order to offer you the best San Jose home purchase loan for your needs.

Get Prequalified

Before you shop for a home, it’s important to be prepared. Part of that preparation is to understand how much of a home you are qualified to buy. This is called prequalification. At Alliance Lending, we will help you assess the mortgage that best suits you and how much a lender is likely to loan you. We do this by:

Checking your credit

Calculating your
debt-to-income ratio

Checking to see how
much cash you have
in reserve

Understanding how
much you intend to
put down as a down

Calculating how much
you can afford to pay
each month

We will give you a preapproval letter so you can shop for a home with confidence. In hot markets like ours, that preapproval letter can mean the difference between you and the other buyers interested in the same home to the seller.

San Jose Home Purchase

Every Borrower is Different

When you are shopping for your mortgage loan, you want to ensure that you are getting the best possible loan product for your individual needs and financial situation. Every borrower has a different financial make-up and different mortgage needs. From our credit history to our income to the type of home we are choosing, the lender we ultimately choose can be a good match for our needs or not so good. A bad match can mean paying too much each month or over the life of the loan.

Applying For Home Purchase Loan

Applying for Your Home Purchase Mortgage

At Alliance Lending, we offer many choices. Because we are mortgage brokers and not lenders, we partner with many different lenders in order to offer our clients the best mortgage match for their financial needs.

Each of our lenders is different and has unique criteria based on the type of mortgage and the qualification criteria of the institution itself. Because we work with these lenders each day, we are well-versed in their underwriting requirements and can place you in the best mortgage for your individual situation.

Call an Expert

Our lenders have some of the best rates and terms on the market. We work with you each step of the way in order to expedite the process and make it easy and seamless. If you are looking for a home purchase loan in San Jose, call the mortgage lending experts at 408-226-4000 to get started.

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