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If you’re a current military service member, a military veteran or a surviving spouse of a military veteran, you could qualify for a VA loan in San Jose. VA loans offer low rates, often more lenient qualification criteria and other benefits. Insured by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, VA loans offer military personnel the ability to become homeowners at a very affordable cost.

At Alliance Lending, our independent San Jose VA Loan specialists can offer VA loans for those who qualify. A VA loans requires no down payment which makes it a true no-money-down mortgage. In addition to this, it requires no mortgage insurance and has very flexible guidelines with regard to credit and income so that borrowers can qualify more easily.

No Down Payments

Most mortgage products require down payments, usually at least 10 percent for conventional mortgages. The VA mortgage is an exception. The VA will finance up to 100 percent of your purchase price for those who qualify.

A Government Guarantee

A San Jose VA mortgage isn’t funded through the VA. Instead, it is offered by the same lenders as conventional mortgages, such as banks and credit unions. Although your mortgage is made through a lender such as a bank, the VA guarantees that lender that the loan will be repaid, regardless if the borrower defaults.

This motivates lenders to offer exceptional terms to borrowers who qualify for these mortgages. Because VA loans can vary from lender to lender, an applicant can shop for the loan that works best for their budget. With the expertise of the independent mortgage brokers at Alliance Lending, we can help you shop for the best loan for your own unique financial situation.

Eligibility for a VA Loan

You may be eligible for a VA loan if:

You have served 90 consecutive dates of active service during wartime

You have served 181 days of active service during peacetime

You have been an active member of the National Guard or Reserves for 6 years or more

You are married to a service member who died in the line of duty or as a result of a service-related disability


Like other mortgage qualifications, a VA-backed mortgage does require documentation to qualify although these guidelines are typically more flexible than a conventional mortgage, depending upon the lender. The VA does not make any credit score requirements and leaves that to the lender. Most lenders want to see a credit score of 620 or higher. Applicants must also show that they have sufficient income to repay the loan.

Other Uses for VA Loans

Buying a home is only one way you can use a VA loan. You can also use VA-backed financing to refinance your current home for either an interest rate reduction or to take cash-out if you have enough equity.

Consult a VA Loan Expert

At Alliance Lending, we partner with lenders that offer VA loans in San Jose and are well-versed in their underwriting criteria. If you are former or current military personnel, contact us at 408-226-4000 to see if you pre-qualify for a VA mortgage loan.